Henry Earth-Sea

A lengthy Indian with a large hawk.


Henry Earth-Sea
2 2 3 3 5 3 3 4 3 2 6 6 1

Qualities: Magician (15 BP), Mentor Spirit, Hawk (5 BP)

Skills: Astral Combat 1, Conjuring Group 2, Ritual Magic 3

Suggested Knowledge Skills: Magic Sims 3, Local Mythology 3, Air Spirits 3, Ornythology 3, Local N.A Politics 3, N.A Militias 2, Powhatan Ritual Dances 3, Fishing holes 3


Henry Earth-Sea is one of the few remaining people that can trace a clear line of back to his Powhatan ancestry. This is extraordinary because they had become scattered and mixed within other reservations and larger tribes as they were among the first to be displaced. Having no record of their peoples history and culture, the Powhatan rely on a few stories, songs, and traditions which have been passed down from generation to generation.
After the Awakening, the Great Ghost Dance, etc. Things had changed for Native Americans in North America. Henry’s parents raised him to believe that one day the tribes of the Powhatan would retain the land they’ve known all this time belonged to no one. After a troubled youth, and years mixed up in drugs and an anti-government Powhatan gang, Henry grew tired of the violence. He realized that he could try to be a leader and organize his people rather than force them into a life of constant struggle. He was involved in grass-roots peace organizations aimed at getting troubled youth off the street and into various green projects. Relapses into drugs and alcohol forced him from this work to the Tent City.
Henry became interested in hawks as a child, but only later in life did the hawk manifest itself into something much more important. The Awakening had caused new varieties of creatures to emerge as others faded away, in some areas causing tremendous imbalance. Over time, Henry’s spirit became bonded to the hawks of the marsh. He discovered he had an innate gift for magic only later in life, something he attributes to the hawks.
The people that settle with him in the camps are not all Powhatan per se, but live and abide by tribal rules and traditions. He has been living in the Tent City for over a decade now, and for what its worth, the Powhatan have considerable sway in the Tent City because most of the denizens are unwilling or unable to take care of any community let alone their own. Henry has a son from a woman that abandoned them years ago. His son lived with Henry’s parents until they became unable to care for him, and he came to live with Henry. Since then he has fallen in the same cycle Henry got caught up in when he was young, except worse. Henry fears what will happen, but feels powerless to stop it.

Henry Earth-Sea

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