David Attenborough

The everyman he aspired to be was a sham, and everyone except him has come to know it.



(180 BP)
Body: 3
Agility: 3
Reaction: 3
Strength: 3
Charisma: 5
Intuition: 3
Logic: 3
Wisdom: 2
Edge: 1

Active Skills

(108 BP)
Con: (Spec.) 4 (6)
Negotiation: 3
Stealth Group: 3
Perception: 2
Medicine: 3
Pilot (Watercraft): 1
Pistols: 3
Forgery: 3


(+50 BP)
Incompetent (Driving): +5
Low Pain Tolerance: +10
Weak Immune System: +5
Blandness: 10
Mild Addiction: Alcohol +10
Addiction (Burnout): Novacoke +30


(9 BP)
Bank Manager (Connection 2/Loyalty 1)
Lawyer (Connection 2/Loyalty 1)
Pharmacist (Connection 2/ Loyalty 1)

Gear (3000¥)
Remington Roomsweeper w/alternating slugs and flechettes. 250¥
Regular Ammo (30) 60¥
Flechette (30) 300¥
Actioneer Business Clothes 1500¥
Meta Link Commlink 100¥
Medkit (Rating 3) 300¥
Nanopaste Disguise
Knowledge Skills
20th Century Nature Documentaries 3
Bank Security Procedures 3
Medicine 3
Bank Fraud 3
Freight Ship Operations and Security 3
Corporate Law 3


David had a rough childhood. His parents had a bitter divorce, and he favored his father but was forced to stay with his mother. Pleasing his father was all that mattered to David. He did not go to school, would rather watch people by the train station or boats coming into the pier. His dad was a captain on a boat, or so he told David, who would then tell his friends. Sometimes it was hard for David to know what was true about his father, but it didn’t matter to him in the end.
As he grew older, he fell in with a bad crowd. His dad had moved away and David hadn’t heard from him in years. He upgraded from pickpocketing and petty theft to bank fraud and identity theft. Soon he grew tangled in a web of false identities and grand fabrications that he could no longer control. He became dependent on novacoke to try and stay on top of it all, but his life crashed and burned. Two divorces, 3 kids, and a lightning flash span of 10 years and now David is back where he started…hopeless, broke, and strung out on the streets of Baltimore.

David Attenborough

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