Dwarf rigger, notorious hoarder.


Body: 4
Agility: 2
Reaction: 3
Strength: 3
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 3
Logic: 6
Wisdom: 3

Edge: 2
Essence: 5.5
Initiative: 6
IP: 1

Active Skills
Aeronautics Mechanic (Logic): 4
Automotive Mechanic (Logic): 4 Spec. Anthroform+2)
Nautical Mechanic (Logic): 3
Industrial Mechanic (Logic): 5
Electronic Warfare (Logic): 2
Electronics Skill Group (Logic): 6
Gunnery (Agility): 2
Locksmith (Agility): 2
Perception (Intuition): 2
Pilot Aircraft (Reaction): 6
Pilot Watercraft (Reaction): 3
Pilot Anthroform (Reaction): 4
Pilot Groundcraft (Reaction): 4
Cybercombat (Logic): 3
Diving: 4
Parachuting: 5
Unarmed: 3
Knowledge Skills
Military (Marines) 4
Baltimore Industrial Corporations 3
Baltimore Electronics Dealers 4
Baltimore Recycling Centers/Dumps 4
Safe Houses 3
Electronics: 6
Industrial Technology: 5
Monster Movies: 3
Entomology: 4
Helicopters: 3
Cars: 3


Biz has always been reclusive, withdrawn. His parents knew he was intelligent, but worried he would grow up to become an outcast, or social misfit. When he was old enough, they sent him away to military school much to his dismay. He was miserable, and withdrew himself to the outdated library, reading books about insects. The other boys tormented Biz, he was nerdy, overweight, refused to shower, and was constantly getting written up for his unkept appearance and messy quarters.
One of the instructors at the school recognized that Biz was being singled out, and seized the opportunity to whip him into shape.
Biz’s time got worse before it got better, but eventually he built up his confidence enough to fight back against ridicule and hold his own against his classmates in a fight despite his size.
When he graduated, Biz entered the Marines. He tested high on his entrance scores, and became a helicopter pilot. He served 2 tours of duty in Eastern Europe, taking part in a number of conflicts and engagements. After his service, he floundered for a number of months and returned home to live with his parents until he could find a job. He worked on an off as a mechanic in different shops around Baltimore, met a woman through a mutual friend, and married. It was not to be, and he was divorced 2 years later, swearing off women for good.
Working at an electronics scrapyard, he was enamored by the amount of junk people simply discarded. He began tinkering with the various devices and contraptions the junkies that filtered through the yard, and compulsively taking it home with him. After several years, he had amassed enough junk to get evicted from his apartment, and he decided to open his own scrapyard in Westport. Independently wealthy from the divorce, he soon found his property could not contain his horde and bought a warehouse on Distillery Ave, believing he would never need to move again.
Today, he has squandered most of his money on junk he never intends to sell, and both properties are packed wall to wall, floor to ceiling with everything from old coffee makers, to large industrial transistors. He spends most of his time designing his own mini-drones, insect-like devices that he has programmed to mimic the instinctive behavior of the insects he studied as a child.


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