Shadows of Baltimore

Tony's E-Z Pawn

Elan waited for the group to leave before he began instructing Holli on how to properly clean a crime scene. His years in Lone Star had prepared him for this to some extent, but he never imagined he would be on the opposite end of one of those investigations years later. He and Holli were able to paint a confusing enough picture for investigators that they would be scratching their heads on this one for some time. Elan barely managed to get on a DSPC bike left at the scene and ride with Holli to Tony’s and collect their I.D’s. They found Tony in the back of the shop, staring at security monitors feverishly. He seemed preoccupied and even more paranoid than before. After briefly mentioning he could have asked for more, he lost his heart for bartering and sent Elan and Holli on their way. Once outside, Elan and Holli began to conduct a good old-fashioned stakeout of Tony’s place.

5 DSPC gangers arrived separately to Tony’s as Elan tried ineffectually to climb up a truck on the opposite side of the street and get a good overhead view, but was approached by the truck owner. He flashed his gun at the trucker and stated “Police business”. Terrified, the trucker ran into the night. He sent Holli to go buy some fried chicken across the street. When Holli returned, they moved into a secluded wooded area as they were startled by the sound of gunshots and saw Tony with a gunshot wound to the chest, stumble from the back of his shop toward his warehouse. Two large gangers pursued him and Elan and Holli intervented. Elan’s first shot alerted the gangers to his presence, but without cover, Holli was able to pick one of them off cleanly from 30 meters away, knocking the ganger on his back. Elan closed the distance between himself and the gang members and delivered the stunned troll a kick to head as the troll attempted to stand, breaking his neck. Holli caught a piece of the other troll as she stepped out from around a corner, and killed her instantly with a shot to the head. Elan, already in the process of trying to punch the ganger was surprised as her lifeless body fell limp upon him. Elan called for 5ive to get into the security system and edit the recording, not wishing to repeat what happened at Biz’s
Inside the store, the DSPC members heard multiple gunshots outside and were convinced the cops had arrived. They gathered hostages inside the store and turned off the lights as the runners came in through the back door. The DSPC members were waiting inside has Elan avoided a shot sent his way, with barely enough time for his eyes to adjust and see the flashes of gunfire. With her elven eyes, Holli was able to quickly identify a DSPC member behind a store counter, and placed a high caliber round in his shoulder, knocking him back into a glass display case. Elan ran at a low crouch as he followed the source of a muzzle flash to a DSPC member hiding behind a clothes rack. Elan made a quick and decisive swing, but the ganger made a fatal parry and fell on Elan’s sword. Holli took care of the third gang member. Nearly dead, Holli and Elan began to interrogate him. Under coercion, the ganger divulged that a hit had been put out on Tony and he wouldn’t live to see the end of the week, despite this little setback. He also suggested that he knew the runners were the same guys that killed MOB and C-Danger at Biz’s place. Holli put a cushion over his head as she executed him right there in the store. Before they left, Holli and Elan tried to locate Tony in the warehouse. With his gun trained on anything poised to move into the doorway. Tony nearly shot Holli and Elan as they move toward the warehouse. After they convinced Tony they were not DSPC, Tony remained suspicious but thanked them for saving his life. He gave Elan back their additional 1,500¥ for the ID’s and seemed to imply that they were even now.
Elan and Holli returned to the Tent City in the middle of the night, and too pumped full of adrenaline they went to the shore to do some target practice before dawn.


Figgy Figgy

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