Shadows of Baltimore

The Tent City

Tent City

With Biz’s words to you all still buzzing around in your heads, you are sent on your way from Dr. Gizmo’s Chop Shop by two big, sinister looking ‘nurses’ who just came in on their shift in the early morning hours. Shortly thereafter, a message from Tom Faller:

Things are really hot right now, lay low and see what you can find. Here’s a 2000¥ advance. Use it to go to Tom’s and get some fake id’s. Be careful, the place is swimming with DSPC. And, I don’t think I should have to say this but you should ‘change up your look’ a little bit, y’know what I mean? The cops don’t seem too worried about what happened, but they had ballistics out. Just a little friendly advice…

Bullock and Elan headed to Tony’s after getting Tom’s message, handing off the dead ganger’s commlink to Five to decrypt. Before leaving, Elan shaved his head and Bullock turned his jacket inside out to ward off suspicion as they entered Tony’s and headed straight for the back. They took note that most of the overpriced and out of date stock on the shelves didn’t look like it had moved in some time. Stammering, Bullock tried to articulate a story of why they needed to see Tony to the cashier at the jewelry counter. She yelled in Korean into the back room, and out from the curtain came Tony. He gives Bullock and Elan a once over and proceeds into a fast paced round of questions designed to throw Bullock off balance. After some back and forth, he agrees to help the runners for 1500 up front, and 1500 later with 24 hours to process. Bullock and Elan then grabbed some different clothing, paid way too much for it, and then headed to the Tent City to talk with Bebe.
Approaching the Tent City they were mobbed by a group of junkie pickpockets, but Bullock spotted their ruse of distraction and butted one with the stock of his shotgun. Caught by surprise, the junkie fled into the brush with his friends. A great WHOOSH sound followed as the earth trembled, then screams. The junkie who’d attempted to rob Bullock had fallen in a devil rat pit, a devil rat gripping his arm with its teeth. Elan rushed in, nearly decapitating the rat as Bullock spotted another two coming toward them. Elan swung his sword into the spine of another devil rat as Bullock managed to put a slug in one rats eyes as it lunged toward him. Another junkie was in the process of getting maimed by the strangely aggressive and irritated rats, as Elan and Bullock rushed in to put a swift end to the horrid beast’s life narrowly escaping being bit.
A rustling in the brush caught their attention as Henry Earth-Sea emerged from the brush to find his son, Gary writhing in pain. He sent his hawk, Baywind, to dispatch the last of the rats as he berated his son. He had seen everything. After apologizing to the runners, Henry thanked them for saving his son and invited them to his camp to stay the night. Along the way, he pointed out that their generator had failed and they were not able to fix it because of a shortage of parts recently. Some of his people might freeze this winter. He not so subtly enlisted the help of Bullock, who then begrudgingly went out into the scrapyards surrounding the camp to try and find a solution. While he had Elan alone, he prodded him about his heritage, and went on for some time about the problems the Devil Rats have placed on the community. Babies and toddlers have reportedly been stolen from their tents. Grown men, bit in the carotid artery, dead on their cots. The residents of the tent city live in constant fear. Their tunnels have extended to the very edge of the camps, and past excursions into the tunnels to exterminate them have proved hopeless as their numbers only return to previous levels within a very short time. He convinces Elan and Bullock to lead another party into the tunnels the following morning to eliminate the rats once and for all.


Figgy Figgy

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