Shadows of Baltimore

The Sewers

Before leaving, the runners decide to take care of a few errands, perhaps take an impromptu shower in a random backyard or restaurant bathroom. Elan decided to brush up on his tae-kwon-do at a local dojo, and Bullock headed up to the auto shop to find an piece for an exhaust port for a generator in the Tent City. Meanwhile, Five went into a deep trance in a unsuccessful attempt to compile a courier sprite to probe the security system of Almag. As they returned from their errands to the sunken in block of Annapolis Rd they were joined by a curious, stern looking man in a very expensive looking coat. He introduced himself as Chase, and he had read an article in the Baltimore City Guide about the B.A.R.F competition and decided to come check it out. Walter once again warned not to stray from the path. He sent the runners on their way armed with large plastic bags, 3 deep sea rods, peanut butter, and bacon.
It was close to dusk as they finally departed. Five was able to detect sentries in the area, but Walter had warned them they would only target the rats. After Ralph shined his floodlight down the main drag of the old sewer line, the runners caught the reflections of many eyes, as a few Devil Rats caught an air of food mixed with man smells and sounds and scurried up the tunnel. Bullock baited his line and cast his line too far back, catching Ralph in the ear. Elan cast his line successfully and caught the interest of a few rats, as Bullock cast his bait with added “Ralph Ear”. The after nearly having their rods ripped from their hands, the runner’s reeled in a pair of Devil Rats and made quick work of them. They dropped them in the bags and continued up the narrow tunnel. As Ralph was crossing an intersection, a turret gun fired up and would have shot Ralph had Elan not intervened, narrowly avoiding getting hit himself. Five was able to turn off the turret and face it away from the group. Unbeknownst to the runner’s, the tunnel was filling with natural gas from a ruptured old gas line.
Five detected another commlink up a side passage that had likely been the one that had tampered with the sentry gun. The runner’s pressed on to find whoever the hacker was that had nearly killed them, and sent Ralph on his way to return the rats they had caught before he gets himself killed. Ralph takes little convincing and takes off, leaving the group a rod and some bait. Shortly thereafter, a huge blast sent a wave of air rushing up the tunnel that nearly knocks the runners off their feet as a large mutant devil rat came tearing toward the group, its hair singed and smoking. Using his fast reflexes, Bullock cast a line just in time. Nothing on earth is able to resist the smell of peanut butter and bacon, even a mutant rat, as it took the bait. Their newfound partner, Chase, was able to run up and punch it hard enough to stun it so they could toss it in a plastic bag as Elan stabbed it with his sword, in a grisly scene. They had to press forward to escape the smoke and fire which was quickly choking the tunnels. Soon, they heard voices arguing coming from down the line and saw daylight. They noticed a group of four D.S.P.C gangers and one acne-ridden hacker standing around a tractor trailer that had collapsed partially into the tunnel. Without hesitation, Bullock took this opportunity to get the drop on the gangers and walked up guns blazing. He took down their leader, as Elan, Five, and Chase stepped in to Bullock’s aid. Five managed to break into the hacker’s commlink and shock him and his friends with a blackout program. One of the gangers, however, was consistently able to evade the runner’s attacks. Bullock dove to the ground and blew off a ganger’s ankle. As her comrades fell, the evasive DSPC member shot Bullock as he lay prone before getting knocked out by Chase and Elan’s attacks. Several of the gangers remained alive, but largely incapable of fleeing as they warned of the repercussions the runners would incur if they killed them. Bullock passed out from his wound as Elan went around finishing off the gangers with his katana. Chase, loosely trained in medicine, was able to stabilize Bullock temporarily but his condition was critical and he remained unconscious. The runners realized that, again, they had little time to make decisions before city or emergency workers arrived to investigate the gas explosion.


Figgy Figgy

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