Shadows of Baltimore

The Septic Drains Pt. II

The runners battle a pent up spirit.

When the runners regained their footing (after the surge of water tossed them over so handily), they were confronted by the neglected water spirit, which had been sealed in the chamber for years, possibly decades. The sludgy mass attempted unsuccessfully to envelop Bullock and Elan, while Toe Knee Bearfeathers summoned a bear spirit to protect him, and began muttering to himself with a thousand-yard stare glazed across his face.
The spirit proved to be impervious to the runner’s assault, until Elan nicked it with his katana. It turned his attention toward him, then suddenly the roiling mass of muck seemed to have a pause. Within seconds, it simply collapsed into a bath of foul-smelling ooze. Amongst the murk, the runners were able to see a glimmer. A golden rod with a loop at the end. Toe Knee examined it unsuccessfully, and headed back to the Tent City to get some help.
When the runner’s gathered their composure they found the way forward still at an impasse. Bullock dove in one of the drains and discovered a mechanism in the drain had malfunctioned, while Five compiled a sprite to aid in the diagnostic. Bullock dove in the putrid pool full of writhing, blind creatures and managed to fix the mechanism. He was rewarded with large bubbles of air rising to the surface as the second pool began to drain. Five handled the third pool, improvising a Command program. He’s not exactly sure how.
The runners made their way down the previously flooded tunnel ahead. Five became acutely aware of the presence of traffic going to the rats from some abandoned row homes on the surface. The group tried to find their way in the old and convoluted rat tunnels and quickly became lost. At that moment, they reached the entrance to a nesting burrow of augmented devil rats. Welders, who had rejoined the group in their latest excursion, cautioned them that these rats were the samples he needed and the real reason he had suffered their presence for so long. Bullock shot the first rat with his shotgun, much to the dismay of Welders. “I said don’t kill them you idiot!” Meanwhile the rats attacked Chase and Elan with one biting through Chase’s coat and clinging to him with a vice-like grip. Chase and Elan managed to knock over one of the rats long enough for Welders to push it into a carrier. Five managed to disable the third rat, who was currently menacing Chase, with a Blackout program. The rat fell to the ground, convulsing. Welders exclaimed, “You fools finally did something right.”


Figgy Figgy

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