Shadows of Baltimore

The Septic Drains

The runners decided to take a rest before embarking on the next leg of their journey, to find the source of the activity that 5ive detected beneath the ground. At the Tent City, they were reunited with Holli and Elan. While they brought each other up to speed, Toe-Knee Bearfeathers healed the group of minor cuts and scrapes. Bullock was not able to find relief for his nasty looking rat bite, even with Toe-Knee’s grandmother’s patented crab poultices. The next day, they tracked down Biz to get an exhaust port for the broken generator at the Tent City. Bullock spent a few hours climbing his way over Biz’s horde of electronics and industrial remnants, but emerged victorious, yet frustrated, from the heap. Biz was not able to help them find a tractor-trailer for the Almag truck they recently acquired despite Bullock’s prodding.
From there they decided to check in with Tom Faller, who was none-too-happy to see the group. After some back and forth, he revealed his hand and conceded the runners had fulfilled their obligations albeit sloppily. He offered them a new task, to flush out the mystery buyer at a police auction occurring the following day. He gave them 5,000¥ to use in bidding to flush out the mystery buyer. He suggested the runners use the “pull list” handed out to hoppers to identify which items the mystery buyer is likely to bid on. Any additional monies they would have to negotiate with Tom after they had secured a meeting with the mystery buyer and he had secured a deal with the so-called “mystery buyer”.
With one job now under their belt and more work on the horizon, the runners decide to descend once more into the tunnels to find Ralph before it’s too late. With night approaching, they made their way to the source of the transmissions directing hordes of rats across the city, an illegal dump beneath the disused section of 95. After sliding down piles of garbage, the runners encountered Old Tom Demanis, who sang his song merrily:
“They all thinks I’m crazy, so crazy I am;
But I’ll still be here when they ain’t what they am!
They’ll all be taken to the Mother
But I’ll be free before the others!”
A lunatic hermit who lives and sleeps among the rats, Old Tom will only speak of the Black Mother’s return and his exile from her den. Dismissing his rantings, the runners made their way to an old sewer line beneath a block of annihilated row-homes. There they found three septic pools that had backed up and flooded the tunnel ahead. The door leading to one of the pools was locked, which after much tinkering, Bullock was able to remove. When he opened the door, it flung open with such force that it nearly pinned him to the wall as water surged forth from the chamber. The runner’s were tossed like ragdolls down the tunnel as a roiling mass of sludge plunged down the tunnel after them.


Figgy Figgy

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