Shadows of Baltimore

The Rockworm Tunnels

The party gathered their belongings after a night’s rest at the Tent City. After noticing Henry Earth-Sea speaking with police officers late at night, Bullock confronted him about what the police were looking for. Henry reluctantly informed the group that the police were looking for them, and had found shell casings outside the Tent City that were consistent with a triple murder that had taken place the day before. He advised them to head for the tunnels and go “underground”. He sent with the group a pathetic group of Powhatan, his so-called ‘best men’, who the group sent on their way once they were out of Henry’s view. More than happy to oblige, the Powhatan went on their way, eager to spend the rest of the day drinking instead of crawling through dark rat-infested tunnels.
Unfortunately for the group, that is what they would spend their day doing as they descended deep into the dark tunnels bored out by hungry rockworms years ago, now the perfect home for nesting rats. Five, unable to find a wireless node in the tunnel was delegated “torch carrier” and given a light panel, which he actually found quite heavy after just a few minutes. Forced to crawl on their hands and knees, they were ambushed by a group of 5 Devil Rats near one of their nesting burrows. Five suggested they try to reason with the rats as the group dispatched 2 of them, and the others fled into the darkness before they met the fate of their brothers and sisters. Shortly thereafter, a pair of Naga stumbled upon the group as they were hunting the very same rats the group had just encountered. Holli had no doubt in her mind what to do next, she and Bullock blasted them with their shotguns before they could get too close. After inspecting their corpses, the runners decide to take a few souvenirs and explore the tunnels further.
To their surprise, the tunnel emptied out into a caved in block of Annapolis Rd. Smoking and drinking amongst the rubble, a group of Baltimore Area Rat Fishing (B.A.R.F) members were taking part in a fishing tournament. After paying a 20¥ entry fee, the group were given instructions (the rat must be caught on a line, and documented) from Walter (Walt) Wykowski, some poles, and a guide (Ralph Wykowski)
Eager to find some more sources of illumination before entering the tunnels again, the group decided to check out a local shop that had been built into the basement of a nearby collapsed building. Inside, they encountered a shriveled white-eyed old woman surrounded by pickled animals in a cramped room hazy with incense that smelled of formaldehyde and old feet. Elan asked her if she had any flashlights or batteries and she cackled, producing a long shriveled finger with a wick extending from the tip. “Free of charge my boy, free of charge!” She exclaimed as she put the wretched looking candle in Elan’s hand.
Armed with their poles, a new source of illumination, and a guide the group was set to venture once more into the darkness when a scrawny looking researcher with hooded cybereyes came lumbering into the pit carrying two large pet crates. “Oh yea, this is Welders…He’s…gonna come along with us an take some samples.” Welders then shot a look meant to convey his lack of confidence in the party, but in his mind conceded that the extra muscle might come in handy in the dangerous tunnels up ahead.


Figgy Figgy

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