Shadows of Baltimore

First Job

The runners found work at long last. Responding to a job posting, they met at the Blarney Stone, a rank dive bar in Westport. After moments bemused and caustic stares with the bar patrons, they found their “Johnson” in the back. A fat middle aged human named Tom Faller. His job: a.) Find out why Tony’s E-Z Pawn has had a sudden surge in business, and b.) Bring Tom’s loyal, longtime customers back into the fold and have them lose confidence in doing business with Tony. The runners begrudgingly accept, despite Tom’s underwhelming assurance that their payment would come in the form of more work. What choice did they have?
He gave them few leads before he departed. He advised them to seek out a hopper named Bebe in the Tent City, and the dwarf rigger named Biz who operates out of a scrapyard. The runners decided to visit the dwarf first. When they arrived, they noticed a Roto-Drone spying on them high above the yard. Bullock attempted to speak to Biz through a callbox but was rebuked by the dwarf. Shortly thereafter, the compound was besieged by 4 D.S.P.C go-gangers. Their leader, a Troll with a bright red mohawk, disabled Biz’s dogs with an unknown substance hidden inside a popular brand of Drone “treats”, then proceeded to cut through the chain link fence on the perimeter of the compound. Before he entered, he gave the group a word of caution not to get involved.
At that moment, the dwarf rigger tried to escape by straddling the Roto-Drone but slipped and fell several stories into the dirt. It was shortly after this that the group decided to intervene. Bullock approached one of the go-gangers, Spud, and made a not-so-subtle threat by placing his shotgun in Spud’s inner thigh. Before Spud could respond, Elan Blackfeather came running up and cold-clocked the go-ganger with such force that he shattered Spud’s nose. This shook Spud’s resolve considerably.
Noticing that one of the gangers was packing heat, Holli took her sights on the unfortunate sod, but luckily for him, he was dealt only a glancing blow. The gangers, confident the runners would not make the first move were taken by surprise. Bullock made quick work of the gang member Holli had missed with a well placed shotgun slug to the back. Five, the technomancer, reset Biz’s GM-Nissan Dobermans to their factory defaults as Elan withdrew his pistol and took a shot at MOB, the D.S.P.C lieutenant who had just emerged from Biz’s house. MOB narrowly missed the shot, rolling down a staircase. He had barely the time to stand up again before Holli had his large ugly head in her sights, and fired. There was a reddish/pink mist where the Troll’s head once was, seeing this, the remaining two go-gangers T-Baby and Spud tried to make their escape. T-Baby wasn’t so lucky, he was put down by Bullock swiftly and without mercy as he was trying to roll under the chain link fence. Spud seemingly had made a clean escape.
In an effort to cover their tracks, the runner’s persuaded Biz to help them wipe the security system disk but were hastened by the sound of fast approaching sirens. Bullock attempted to head off the police but wasn’t successful. The group narrowly escaped detection as they left the compound just as the police were arriving, with a badly hurt Biz attempting to stay conscious as he piloted a van loaded with his gear, the two Dobermans, his Roto-Drone, and some very dangerous runners to a chop-shop “Ice-House” to get some much needed medical attention. Once there he thanked the group for saving his ass, and explained that D.S.P.C are just the muscle for a larger operation that has been recruiting hoppers, petty thieves, and junkies to steal for them.
“D.S.P.C are just the muscle, the enforcers. They keep the hoppers and scrappers in check, get them to do all the dirty work. Most of them are SINless, or minors, or both. They keep getting greedier, hitting bigger and bigger targets. Heard last week they knocked off a truck carrying Nickel to a Plating company of some sort here in Westport.”
“That fat fuck Tony, I never should have worked with him. He used to give me a primo rate, now he’s cut me out. I asked him why? He said stop askin’ I ain’t tellin’. Now I know. Now I know it’s cuz he had his eye on the prize the whole time. But that ain’t even the tip of the iceberg!”
The group suddenly realized that Biz must be some kind of hoarder, because his compound was loaded with strange industrial remnants, junk and scrap.


Figgy Figgy

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