by Bohlander

“Our destiny is
not separate from our
They are one. Intertwined along strands of time.
We must consume them.
You are never alone here.”

-Tim Black-Moon Bear

I am reminded of that quote all the time in this city. The last line resonates with me the most. I’ve lived here all my life, and will most likely die here. I’ve seen this city on at least two different planes. I’m pretty sure I’ve travelled back in time once, although I was too high to do anything cool. All of that aside, that line sticks with with me because for better or worse (usually worse), someone, something in Baltimore is watching you.
One of the original Gates to the West, our collective history started long before English boots hit the sand. The Chesapeake Bay has always been a boon to all manner of life on Earth. The abundance of food, prevalence of fresh water, access to the open ocean and dozens of navigable tributaries, there is not wonder why this land is so prized, or why it was ultimately exploited. Beneath alll of this concrete and asphalt, Baltimore’s choked earth and stagnant water is still part of that. Life (and hence, Death), have charges in abundance among these brackish tide waters.

Shadows of Baltimore

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